The combined experience of the InterMat, L.L.C. team can provide bulk terminal operators with a clear understanding of industry trends, customers’ expectations and the requirements of transportation partners. Determining what differentiates our clients from their competitors is the key to promoting a sustainable terminal business positioned for realistic growth. InterMat, L.L.C. can assist you by recognizing the value of your existing assets, and maximize the potential for the added value achieved through accretive acquisitions or expansion projects. InterMat’s services described on this site can assist our clients with front-end development services to establish feasibility, and the technical and management services needed to complete expansion projects. InterMat, L.L.C. can, provide our terminal clients with a unique view of the strategic value of a proposed acquisition or divesture. From preparation or the review of due diligence data to negotiations of definitive agreements, InterMat, L.L.C. can provide assistance to our clients with all phases of an acquisition or divestiture.

For greenfield or brownfield projects, InterMat, L.L.C. can identify a suitable site through a comparative site selection process, provide permitting assistance, conceptual design and construction management services. InterMat, L.L.C. can assist our clients construct and operate terminals that meets our client’s needs and provides a platform for sustained growth. Normally, the cost of your terminal services represents a small portion of the overall supply chain cost. We can assist you in tailoring your terminal’s operations to maximize handling efficiency to meet your transportation partner’s requirements, reduce demurrage risk, mitigate cargo damage claims and provide your customers with reliable services. Optimizing your terminal’s services, result in higher volumes, higher customer satisfaction and a more profitable operation.

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