Many port authorities are under-funded. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, changes in regulations and political priorities have negatively impacted investment in infrastructure for publicly owned facilities. Ports have focused their scarce resources on a few commodity groups (e.g. containers, Ro-Ro, cruise ships, etc.), while delaying investment in infrastructure improvements to other commodity groups (e.g. break-bulk, bulk, project cargo, etc.). The transition from multi-commodity facilities to facilities that specialize in only certain commodity groups has produced stranded, obsolete and under-utilized assets. This strategy may maximize a port’s primary facilities but does not address the need for infrastructure improvements for commodity groups that are still viable. InterMat’s experience in the bulk and break-bulk material handling sector can improve your agency’s market position. We provide clients with a unique perspective on the feasibility of making infrastructure investments that provide attractive returns and create direct and indirect jobs, tax revenue and secondary private sector investment. InterMat, L.L.C. can offer strategic guidance and planning, as well as detailed design for infrastructure improvements. InterMat’s private industry clients would be a ready source of potential developers for marine assets. Like many ports, many public agencies are facing budget deficits. Many agencies own dormant assets that could be placed into commercial use as marine or terminal facilities. Leases, privatizations or public-private partnerships may provide development opportunities. Almost all development projects at publicly owned sites require the construction of some level of improvements to support a private development. InterMat, L.L.C. can assist public agencies in vetting development opportunities. InterMat, L.L.C. can assist public agencies in preparing proposal documents, soliciting private sector proposals, and reviewing proposals from private sector companies to confirm transaction economics.

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