Recognizing the risks and opportunities of any investment is always a challenge. For investments in the industries described on this site, InterMat, L.L.C. can provide you with the industry expertise you need to evaluate a proposed investment. Working with your business development staff, we can evaluate the business case for an investment and provide perspective regarding the market, competitors, service providers, and transportation partners. Developing an overall investment strategy is critical. Whether the plan is focused on a certain commodity group, geographical area, industry or cluster development, knowing the facts allows you to make the best investment decisions. Many investments require some level of construction. InterMat, L.L.C. can assist you with such investments. With InterMat, L.L.C. providing planning, design and management services, you can be assured that your facilities will meet all regulations, customer requirements, and transportation providers’ requirements and be constructed on time and on budget. With our M&A experience, InterMat, L.L.C. can provide in-house expertise to support the evaluation, acquisition, construction and operation in the marine and terminal sector.

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