Dixon Betz

Principal for InterMat, L.L.C. Executive with over 40 years of experience in technical, commercial, sales, development, construction and operations of marine and terminal assets. Recognized expert in the material handling industry with an uncommon blend of abilities across a wide spectrum of commodity groups, geographical regions, and industries. A leader with proven track record for successes in growth-oriented firms with increased responsibilities over a diverse career. Experience is all aspects of terminal development (e.g. sales, planning, design, construction, and operations).

Executive Leadership, Commercial Sales and Marketing, Mergers and Acquisition, Business Development, Appraisals and Facility Valuations, Conceptual Design, Construction/Project/Program Management, Operations and Asset Management

July 2015-Present, InterMat, LLC
InterMat, LLC was formed in 1992 by Dixon Betz and Jan Elzey to provide consulting engineering and construction/program management services. During the mid-1990’s, the firm specialized in providing service to the dry bulk and material handling and marine industry. Restarted by Dixon Betz in the summer of 2015, the firm offers a broad range of services to a large group of industrial clients. Built upon 40 year of experience, InterMat provides our clients with consulting and technical or commercial assistance with economic development, site selection, commercial sales, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, negotiations of economic development and governmental incentive programs, valuations, appraisals, terminal logistics, as well as traditional engineering/technical consulting services (e.g. basic/conceptual design for marine and industrial facilities, construction management, project management and program management).

Chief Executive Officer
Sept 2014-July 2015, Sparrows Point Terminal, LLC
Responsible for all aspects of organizing, planning and managing a start-up special purpose entity formed to redevelop and repurpose the former Bethlehem Steel site in Sparrow Point, Maryland, into a multi-user multi-use industrial, commercial and marine port. Transforming a vertically integrated steel mill site after 125 years of steel production presented a wide range of challenges. This development consisted of a 3,100-acre brownfield site, an operating 100-mile short line railroad, an operating deep water port with 4 deep water berths and 2 barge berths, over 100 miles of private and public roads and on-site utility systems servicing both the site and the surrounded community. The site represents approximately one-third of all industrially zoned property in Baltimore County, is the largest single private construction project in Maryland and is arguably the last large-scale deepwater port to be built on the US East Coast. The vision for the redevelopment plan the site had to consider legacy environmental issues, public affairs, and community outreach. As Maryland’s largest employer (peak 30,000 employees) for over 6 generations and the location of a former town of Sparrows Point with 65,000 residents, the political importance and economic development expectations for the redevelopment cannot be understated. Working within the framework of a voluntary environmental consent order with the US EPA and Maryland MDE, lead the management team’s vision for dividing the site into three (approximately 1,000 acres) parcels. The northern parcel was designated for logistics, distribution and cross-dock warehousing. The middle parcel was reserved for light industrial, heavy industrial and manufacturing uses. While the southern parcel supported the port and marine facilities. This allowed marketing and leasing of existing buildings and developable land parcels, as well as expanded operations of the short line railroad and port. Relevant Personal Accomplishments:

  • Doubled port revenue in Q 1 2015 vs Q 1 2014
  • Doubled rail volumes in Q1 2015 vs Q 1 2014
  • On-boarded: entire management staff, utility crew supervision and staff, short line railroad supervision and staff and waste water treatment plant supervision and staff.
  • Executed term leases with 2 international trading firms for warehousing and stevedoring services
  • Developed master planning concept for entire 3,100 site
  • Directly managed basic and final design for marine improvement and phased maintenance dredging plan
  • Initiated and conducted planned community outreach program including quarterly community meetings/open houses and legacy workers recognition functions

Vice President Terminals Business Development
June 1998–September 2014, Kinder Morgan, Inc.
Prior to the acquisition of River Consulting, Inc. and Hall-Buck Marine, Inc., Kinder Morgan primarily owned and operated FERC regulated pipelines. However, Kinder Morgan also owned and operated 2 inland coal terminals. Sequent to this acquisition, Kinder Morgan formed the Kinder Morgan Terminals Division comprising 29 terminals across a number of industries and the Gulf and West Coast. Dixon leads the business development/mergers and acquisitions group for the Terminals Division. From 1998 to 2001, under Dixon’s leadership, the Terminal Division grew primarily by the acquisition of dry bulk and liquid bulk terminals. During this period, the number of terminals doubled, annual throughput increased by [     %] and year over year growth was   [     %].

In 2001, Kinder Morgan purchased GATX’s liquid terminals and dividing the Terminals Division into a Liquid Group and a Bulk Group. After 2001, while the Bulk Group continued to acquire terminals, the focus shifted to expansion projects at existing terminals and the construction of greenfield projects. Due to the unique combination of liquid and bulk assets, both groups were able to construct expansion projects at either liquid or bulk sites providing economies of scale not available to other midstream firms. To take advantage of this unique structure, in 2003 the groups was re-organized into a single Terminals Division with centralized commercial management organized by industry (e.g. fertilizer, ferro-allories, pet coke, coal, cement, building materials, etc.). Beginning in 2003 until 2014, Dixon managed the day to day commercial staff’s activities for all industry groups as well as lead the business development staff. Based upon a strong technical and commercial background and in cooperation with the Major Project Group, Dixon was responsible for the project/terminal developments from initial customer contacts, basic design, preparation of project budgets, financial analysis, internal project approvals, contract negotiations, permitting, project management and commissioning. Relationship management for a selected set of major bulk customers, strategic planning for future commodity trends and changes in logistic patterns that present investment opportunities for Kinder Morgan. Dixon provided training and career development for the Terminals Division’s commercial and business development staff. During Dixon’s tenure with Kinder Morgan, the Terminals Division expanded i) EBITDA from $14.9MM per year in 1998 to $1.0 BB per year in 2014, ii) increased the number of bulk terminals from 2 in 1998 to 78 in 2014 and iii) resulted in a compounded annual growth rate of 13.12%. Kinder Morgan Terminal Division is now the largest independent terminal operator in North America. With total invested capital in excess of $4.5 BB. The Terminal Division currently handles approximately i) thirty-three percent of the gas, diesel, and aviation fuel in the United States, ii) twenty percent of the export coal and iii) over thirty-five percent of the ethanol the United States, iv) twenty percent of the export fertilizer, ore concentrates and sulfur in North America and v) sixty percent of the pet coke handling in the United States. Relevant Personal Project Experience:

  • BP Whiting Refinery – Pet Coke Project Terminaling Agreement– capital $67 MM and revenue during initial 20-year term $283.5 MM
  • Various Coal Terminal Expansion Projects – Export Coal Agreements: 1) Phase I, II & III Expansion Projects at International Marine Terminal in Myrtle Grove, Louisiana, 2) Phase I & II at Houston Bulk Terminal in Houston, Texas and 3) Deepwater Terminal in Houston, Texas – total capital all projects $432 MM and aggregate revenue during initial term all projects $713 MM
  • Drummond Coal Company – Import Coal Agreements: 1) Shipyard River Terminal in Charleston, South Carolina and 2) Pier IX Terminal in Newport News, Virginia – total capital both projects $150 MM and aggregate revenue during initial 10-year term both projects $263 MM

Founder and Principal Owner
January 1981–June 1998, River Consulting Inc.
Dixon founded, owned and was the principal of a boutique consulting engineering firm incorporated in 1981 to provide project-related services to the dry bulk and marine industry. Initially, services provided by the firm were traditional technical services including basic design, final design (e.g. civil, structural and mechanical), procurement construction management, quality control and quality assurance for construction projects. River Consulting, Inc. grew from a single employee in 1981 to a professional and support staff of approximately 300 employees and contract employees in 1998. Organic growth was accelerated in 1985 when Jan Elzey become a principal in the firm. As a nationally recognized expert in material handling technology, Jan complimented an already robust core team of experienced engineer and construction managers. As the firm grew, its service offering also increased. After a number of acquisitions, the firm added electrical power and control design services, as well as, naval architecture, process piping, environmental/permitting and marine design services. Beginning in 1987, the firm became recognized as a world leader in material handling technology. The firm’s geographical service area expanded to include projects in the Americas: Canada, United States, Latin America and South America. The firm also had projects in Poland, Jordan, Egypt, Finland, Myanmar (Burma), Guyana, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Indonesia, India, Israel, and Nigeria. Engineering News Record recognized the firm as one of the top 500 consulting firms in the United States during 10 consecutive years, a top 100 consulting firm for 5 consecutive years and one of the fastest growing consulting firms in the United States 3 times in 5 years. Developed strong communication and coordination skills with engaging regulatory agencies, local permitting authorities, clients, contractors, engineering and legal teams. Relevant Personal Project Experience:

  • Sincor – Pet Coke and Prilled/Liquid Sulfur Project – Jose, Venezuela – $500 MM
  • Midex – Hot Briquette Iron Project – St. James Parish, Louisiana, US – $400 MM
  • ShinTec – PVC Chemical Plant Project –St. James Parish, Louisiana, US – $350 MM
  • National Flour Mill, LTD – Import Grain Elevator Project – Port of Spain, Trinidad/Tobago – $50 MM

Vice President, Principal and Minority Owner
December 1978–January 1981, Jim Bleke and Associates
Dixon Betz co-founded and was a principal in a small construction management firm that initially focused on export grain elevator projects on the United States Gulf Coast. The firm expanded to provide consulting engineering and related services to the dry bulk, liquid bulk, and marine industries. While specializing in providing construction management services, the firm added technical services for construction projects in the grain and milling industry including basic design, final design (e.g. civil, structural and mechanical), procurement, construction management, quality control and quality assurance. The firm provided valuable and diverse experience including planning, budget and scheduling, conceptual design and construction management. Relevant Personal Project Experience:

  • Zen-noh – Export Grain Elevator Project – St. James Parish, Louisiana, US – $120 MM
  • Farmers Export Grain – Export Grain Elevator Project – Galveston, Texas, US – $80 MM
  • Farmers Export Grain – Shipping Bin Expansion Project – St. Charles, Louisiana, US – $50 MM

Various Design/Built Marine Construction Firms
June, 1971–December 1978, Zenith Welding, Lane and Company, Inc. and LeGarduer International, Inc. Introduction to the marine construction industry was effectively an apprenticeship in three design/built marine construction firms in the New Orleans area. Beginning as yard superintendent and advancing to project manager, management skills learned during this period have served as the foundation for future career path advancement. Learned skills included: financial accountability, estimating, CPM project scheduling, project cost control, client/customer relations, direct sales, conceptual engineering, managing consultants and contractors (e.g. engineers, surveyors, specialty sub-contractors, vendors, etc.), managing office staff and hourly workforce both in the fabrication facility and field locations, purchasing and procurement, etc. LeGarduer International, Inc. provided exposure to a wide range of material handling and heavy construction projects in a number of industries. Relevant Personal Project Experience:

  • Farmers Export Grain – Export Grain Elevator Projects – St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, US – aggregate total all projects $40 MM
  • Farmers Export Grain – Export Grain Elevator Projects – Galveston, Texas, US – aggregate total all projects $20 MM
  • Pak-Tank – Export Pet Coke and Grain Terminal Project – Lake Charles, Louisiana, US – $40 MM

Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, LA Bachelor of Arts – 1971   Business Activities

  • World Trade Center – International Member
  • Mississippi Valley Trade Conference – Member