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Phone: 504-352-4583

Dixon Betz

Principal for InterMat, L.L.C. Executive with over 40 years of experience with technical, commercial, marketing, development, construction, and operational aspects of marine and terminal assets. A recognized expert in bulk material handling, with an uncommon blend of abilities across a wide spectrum of commodity groups, geographical regions and industries. Leader with proven track record for successes in growth oriented firms with increased responsibilities over a diverse career.


Jan M. Elzey

Principal for JE Consulting, LLC Mr. Elzey’s 49 years of industrial systems design experience has been in the areas of project engineering management, and construction management. Mr. Elzey has played a major role in the development of conceptual designs of bulk material handling facilities both in the United States and on the international scene. Mr. Elzey and personnel under his direct supervision have been responsible for the design of over 700 storage and material handling related projects. These projects range from conceptual studies to the final design and often through construction management.


Patrick C. Flower, Ph.D.

Principal for Optimum Concept Consulting, LLC Utilizing the experience gained as both a construction executive and an engineering consultant, plus the analytical skills acquired in graduate studies in business and economics, Dr. Flower has led the design and analytical efforts and authored the reports for numerous studies involving the technical and/or economic feasibility of major capital projects. A list of major studies completed by Dr. Flower while at both River Consulting and Optimum Concept Consulting, which indicates the diversity of this work, is available as an attachment. In addition to these studies, he has also completed over forty reports providing opinions of value based on replacement cost adjusted for physical and external depreciation.