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Jan M. Elzey

Associated Principal for JE Consulting, LLC

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Mr. Elzey’s 49 years of industrial systems design experience has been in the areas of project engineering management, and construction management. Mr. Elzey has played a major role in the development of conceptual designs of bulk material handling facilities both in the United States and on the international scene. Mr. Elzey and personnel under his direct supervision have been responsible for the design of over 700 storage and material handling related projects. These projects range from conceptual studies to the final design and often through construction management.


History of Work Experience

Graduate of Purdue University with a Building Construction Technology degree Employed in Central Soya and Continental Grain Co. engineering departments for 9 years. Held various positions, including President of F & P Engineers and prior to retiring in 2000, was a principal of River Consulting, a multi-national engineering firm with over 250 employees in seven offices. Since retiring, assists clients with facility conceptual designs.

Professional Experience

Direct involvement or supervision of nine major new or modified export Grain Elevators constructed in the United States

Direct involvement in the design of eleven cement import terminals

Design of grain and fertilizer terminals for loading ocean vessels

Design of modifications for two petroleum coke export terminals

Design of numerous bulk terminals modifications & facility upgrades for Cement, raw material, clinker storage & handling facilities

Design of “line and batch” plant feed mills

Design of coal and petroleum Coke handling and storage facilities

Publications and Presentations

“Today’s Advanced Technology” The China Encounter
Beidaihe, China 1982

“Design Considerations for Modern Grain Elevators”,
Bulk Design Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana 1988

“Barge Unloading and Waterfront Structures” GEAPS International
Conference Portland, Oregon 1997

“Conceptual Design of High-Speed Grain Elevators”
Conference on Elevator Design
Kansas City, Missouri 1979 Technical Studies and Reports
“Modern Elevator Design Seminar”
Taipei, Taiwan 1984

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